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Loyola Law School

Loyola Marymount University (LMU) undergraduates and students at Loyola Law School can work with a LEX Law Prep tutor for LSAT prep, law school prep, and law school exam prep, as well MPRE review and California Bar Exam review. LEX works with juniors and seniors as well as law students at Loyola both to supplement their existing law, logic, legal writing, and reading comprehension courses and to serve as a point of first entry into test preparation for the LSAT, MPRE, and California bar exam.

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LMU, situated in the Westchester area of West Los Angeles and overlooking the Marina Del Rey and Playa Del Rey areas, is just a few minutes from LEX’s live tutoring offices in Culver City, as is the LLS downtown Los Angeles campus. Students who prefer working at home or on campus can always choose to connect with a LEX Law Prep tutor online by way of our virtual classroom tutoring system.

Loyola espouses professional values that LEX Law Prep also holds. As the first ABA-accredited law school in California with a mandatory pro bono requirement, LLS has a well-established institutional commitment to giving its students a strong ethical and public service foundation that will serve them well both in the legal education environment and the legal profession. LEX shares this commitment in the field of standardized test preparation and academic performance for law school applicants, law students, and lawyers.

Whether supplementing their current class schedule or facing a given subject for the first time, both undergrads and law students find LEX to be a valuable ally in LSAT prep, law school admissions consulting, law school exam preparation, MPRE preparation, and California bar exam preparation.