LEX Tutoring

USC Gould School of Law

USC undergraduates and students at the Gould School of Law can work with a LEX Law Prep tutor for LSAT prep, law school prep, and law school exam prep, as well MPRE review and California Bar Exam review.

LEX works with juniors and seniors as well as law students at USC both to supplement their existing law, logic, legal writing, and reading comprehension courses and to serve as a point of first entry into test preparation for the LSAT, MPRE, and California bar exam.

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Trojans who prefer meeting remotely can always choose to connect with a LEX Law Prep tutor online.

LEX also provides free “Introduction to Law School” informational sessions to which all USC students are invited. These sessions offer law school applicants new insights into the law school application and pre-law preparation process, including overviews of LSAT prep and LSAPP law school bootcamp.

The University of Southern California, located in Los Angeles, espouses educational values with which LEX Law Prep agrees.

For instance, USC’s student body comprises more international students than that of any other American university. LEX has made a similar commitment to participation in the global community, serving the field of standardized test preparation and academic performance with virtual classroom technology that is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Whether supplementing their current class schedule or facing a given subject for the first time, both undergrads and law students find LEX tutoring to be an excellent investment in their professional careers, including LSAT prep, law school admissions consulting, law school exam preparation, MPRE preparation, and California bar exam preparation.